Thursday, December 15, 2011

About: Gamers, Players, & Game Changers

Yup, it's been a while.  Life has a way of getting overwhelming at times, but that is what it's about.  Dealing with it in the moment, and moving on.  Well, let me tell ya, I really learned about  "living" this year.  It seems like I always think I am "grown'" and then there I am learning something new.  Funny thing is this year me and the girls had very special birthdays and all of us went through some growing pains.

Bry turned 16 and realized that it's ok to live an effortlessly easy life, BUT the rewards are commensurate with the amount of energy placed into it.  So (thank goodness) she decided to get in gear and just go for it.  With her true friendships, her love of art & singing, education, and planning for higher ed she has really stepped up to proverbial plate.  I admire her new found drive!

Mojo is officially a teenager.   Having turned 13 in November she has learned a lifelong lesson that I wish I had learned when I was her age, heehee.  She learned right around October that people will alter who they are just to be around  a person they admire.  If the person they admire is positive, it might not be a bad thing.  However, Mojo has zero tolerance for phony so her friend was quickly removed from her circle of friends.  I admire her strength.

I would have to write entirely too much to explain how much of this thing we call LIFE was discovered by me this year.  The most salient lesson this year was to be still sometimes.  BE STILL!  When I broke my leg I was feeling so so down and restless.  I wanted to be out doing all the running around I normally do.  With the broken leg I was forced to be be still.  I used the time constructively, and sometimes I did absolutely nothing at all and that was fine too.  I learned to be still, and it felt refreshing...

Well what have I been up too?  Emma had a swap for 3 playing card ATCs that coordinate with each other.  WHEW!  Tall order but it got me to thinking.  I built the set around the song "Love is a Losing Game" by Amy Winehouse. 

She was done with the whole mess.  Love was a losing game, and she was done playing.

She adorned her heart with beautiful treasures.  If anyone bothered to look, all they would see is what she wanted them to see.  

He agreed, love was indeed a losing game, but the rule only applied if you played with losers.  He came with a gift of cards made just for the Queen (they fit in the vellum envelope).  He would play any way she wanted, as long as he had a chance to see her real heart...                      

Monday, October 17, 2011

About: Seeing it Through

Cover of Mini
  Just a quick follow up!
 So, I completed everything for the Rubber Duckie Baby Shower.  It was so much fun I didn't want to stop making rubber duckie thingys.  My scrap room looked like something yellow, baby blue, and white just went to town in there, heehee.  But it was a blast  I made a rubber duckie mini album, capias, a few banners, and a sign in book that I forgot to take pics of :( 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

About: Ducks Rowing in a Straight Row, or something like that...

I know I know, it's "Get your ducks in a row" but I have ducks on my mind.  Well rubber duckies that is.  So Cheryl (the one I call my favorite) has a sister in Ga.  Her coworker is hosting a baby shower for her daughter.  I was asked to make the invites etc for said Baby Shower.  WAHOOOOO!!!!  The theme she decided on was rubber duckie.  Oh me oh my.  I heart rubber duckies and baby pastels.  At the 11th hour Karen text me with the sex of the baby so I was able to quickly add BLUE to the embellishments.  She has been great with me so far, answering all my questions promptly and accurately. 

Yesterday I mailed out the first package containing the invites and the bureaus.  I made the bureaus exclusive for her, a set of 4.  Needless to say, it was a bittersweet wait.  I wanted her to get them, but then I was nervous about her liking them.  I started feeling like maybe I should not have taken on this shower, almost started blocking myself from feeling good about what I had made. Almost... Whew, today right after lunch, I got the call.  She loved it.  Marching forward, blessing received, I didn't block it.  

Duckie bureaus
 See, the thing with me is the belief that what I find aesthetically pleasing may not appeal to everyone.  What if I should have tilted the frame a little to the left, or what if that font is not appropriate.  I never took any formal classes in graphic design or art for that matter.  I usually create based on what I know about the person, or what I hear when I speak to them and hope they like my version of  their idea.

Well, so far so good.  Karen was so kind as to allow me to post up pics of her items.  Hope you like!
Displayed with permission granted.   Front of the invite.

Monday, August 22, 2011

About: Blocking Your Own Blessings

Small flag book
     When I used to have time in the morning I listened to the Steve Harvey Morning Show.  The very first few minutes he would always speak from his heart, letting what ever guides him to put the words together to get his message across.  At the end of this segment he usually says a few words to his listeners, and gives encouraging words to "those behind bars".  I loved these segments because he would sound so sincere, and his message was basically one of not limiting yourself.  But what really stuck all these years was the "behind bars" part because for some reason I always pictured people who place themselves behind mental "bars".  
Lately, I have been revisiting moments in my life where I almost allowed other people to jail me mentally with their own ignorance and insecurities.  Emotional vampires that had no life so they attempted to sustain themselves by sucking out all my vibrant energy.  Although I am glad I did not allow these emotional jailers to control me (eventually chosing to remove them altogether from my life) lately I feel as if I am on the road to self sabotage.  Why am I so afraid to take the plunge and just do it?  Why do I limit myself when there are so many opportunities in this paper crafting world that I love so much?
Accordion fold binding
     One of the things I consistently attempt to get across to my daughters is that I can not want success for them more than they want it for themselves.  It doesn't matter how much I believe in them if they don't think they can do it themselves.  Well, here lately some of my favorite people have been nudging me forward, pushing my creative limits, and forcing me to think that hmmmm, maybe I am placing "bars" around myself.  How can they believe in me and my paper crafting abilities more than I do?????!!? 

Card for the Nana.

     So here it is, I am throwing down the gauntlet at myself.  I am going to try and showcase my work at a small location for the holiday season.  It's scary but I am going to go forward.  Gonna take out the proverbial nail file and start filing away these mental "bars" before they get too strong.  My motivation?  Taking back the me I put away because things got just a little too scary.   No more blocking my blessings.
     I don't think Steve Harvey will ever read this, but hey if he does: Thanks, with all the sincerity I have.

Flag book made with this tutorial.  Found it in a great Facebook group I belong to: Scrapbooking Swap.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

About: Mr. Sandman Bringing Me a Dream

So last night I had a cup of tea just a little too late in the evening :( and I was up until 3 or 4 am this morning, YIKES!!! That energy was put to good use though, I went on YouTube and made samples of all my favorite interactive elements for mini albums. That way it will be available as a reference. Thanks Mr. Sandman (for being late that is)

So what have I been up too?There was another ATC swap for May. I decided to go old school and pulled out the 2x2 QuicKutz dies. Those little guys are so much fun!!! This one matches the one made last month. It's called May Flowers ------>

There was also a challenge hosted by Dee over
at the group.
We had to create a
tag, and a card using specific images. Whew it was hard using those digital cuties but fun. I never used them before, and coloring was the hardest part. I didn't win, but it was so much fun trying something new.

I finally completed a page that I had been wanting to put together for such a long time. I love the medallions, they add such a punch, ea
sy to make, and so versatile. I found the instructions on YouTube, I LOVE THAT SITE!!! This is a layout of my sister Baby and my niece Vanessa. I entitled it "BEAUTIFUL" because they are just that. And I mean on the inside and the outside. They are a blessing in my life.

Oh and there was an upcycle project started. My daughter was getting rid of a small chalkboard/display sign/marker holder box thing. I saw it and just couldn't let it go. So, I lightl
y sanded t, and put Gesso all over. Not sure where I'm going with it but pretty sure it will be something good.

Well, off to make some thank you cards, and organize my space a little. Later days!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

About: Yo Momma!

That includes the Aunties that help care for nieces and nephews, owners of pets that love their babies, and single Dads that play both positions!

Hmmm it seems I've done it again, almost another month goes by that I let my blog go unloved :( Well let me clear out these weeds and get to work here.

This is an extra special Mother's Day! Got a call from an Army pal yesterday, her daughter (that used to babysit Bryanna) gave birth to a most healthy BEAUTIFUL baby girl on May 4, 2011 3:33 am. Blessings to you Ms. Kaya and your gorgeous baby.

I received my stamp of the month from The Stamps of Life, and if I get nothing else for Mom's Day, I will be ok ;). It makes me want to SCREAM!!! Well for ice cream of course.

Mother's Day weekend always reminds me of my Mid West family. My pal Camille's birthday is May 3rd so we always celebrate it Mom's Day Weekend. One year we went out and partied so hard for her birthday that...hmmm moving on :)

Another fun memory is of Ms. Brandy and Jamal. Jamal is the most cutest little man, (that is not so little anymore) that used to cry "YO MOMMA" every time me and my girls had to part ways with him. Come to find out he was trying to say "Bryanna" and was crying for her not to go. Oh I miss that lil man! He is also the lil guy that would randomly loudly "MOOOOO" when Bryanna was taking too long telling a story. (((Jamal)))

So what have I been up too? Well, I participated in an ATC swap. This is my creation. The theme was April. An ATC is a piece of art 2 1/2 " by 3 1/2 ". Because of it's small size, can be mailed.

I also participated in a mini album swap (my first one). It was sooooo much fun, I am officially hooked. I made one for a really good friend, and I got one back in the mail!! How great is that? Here is a pic:
This also won me a wonderful RAK from Emma Smith a new scrappy pal. She was holding a little give away where you told her what you did for Earth Day. Well, the cardboard pages of this album are cut up cereal boxes, I covered with mostly DCWV Tattered Time paper. Here is a link to YouTube if you'd like to see the finished piece and all the interactive elements.

Have a wonderful Mommie's Day everyone. Take some time and relax.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

About: Glasses, and Banners, and RAKs, OH MY!!!

Yeah, so this week has been fun getting all these goodies in the mail! So Monday I received The Stamps of Life stamp of the month set. This month the set is "houses4us".
Which is grand because Saturday my brother is having his housewarming, yay. Then Tuesday I received a double treat! I had to reorder one stamp set that I think was stolen, and I ordered another stamp set all from Stamps of Life. So I received those AND I received the RAK from Rosey for winning the challenge she held that ended last week.
Nice huh?
Yesterday I received my new glasses in the mail. Glasses over the mail?? Yup, you read it right. There is this company Coastal Contacts that offers FREE glasses over the mail. At first I though it was a scam, but nope. I just paid shipping and handling ($16) and typed in some numbers on the order for my RX and a week later I had a brand new pair of Guess glasses, perfectly made as if I had went to the optometrist. All I had to do was "like" them on Facebook and they gave me a code to type in when I checked out. Well, how convenient is this? What with my glasses missing a leg, and me short a leg, heehee.

So onto what my hands have been up to. Well, over at Bella Creations there is a collaborative project going on to create an alphabet banner using words inspired by scrapbooking. I was assigned "G" and "H". Here are my interpretations.
I really enjoy Bella Creations, they are a very welcoming community, and inspire you to create and think outside of the box.

Oh and one more thing (Hi Mr. Jobs), yesterday as I was perusing you tube I ran across instructions for making this lovely lovely type of book called a "star book". huh?!??!! Yup, a mini album that when opened resembles a star. It's easy to make, and looks stunning! I think so anyway, have a peek on one I am working on for Andre to gift to his mom for Mother's Day.
This is the bird's eye view. When you open it, you use the same ribbon used to close it to keep it open. I like this because you can leave it open on your desk as a display or on a dresser, etc. Can you imagine the possibilities?
This is what the inside pages look like. There are seven two page "layouts". Each page is 4"x4". I had Andre print up pics of different sizes to give it a little variety. I had to wait for them to cure so I will be adding them tonight.

This is the book closed. The book itself is 4"x6". I used chipboard I covered in paper for the cover. I have to admit, this was one of the easier projects. Love it! For instructions go to youtube and search for "star book instructions", hope you like!!