Monday, August 22, 2011

About: Blocking Your Own Blessings

Small flag book
     When I used to have time in the morning I listened to the Steve Harvey Morning Show.  The very first few minutes he would always speak from his heart, letting what ever guides him to put the words together to get his message across.  At the end of this segment he usually says a few words to his listeners, and gives encouraging words to "those behind bars".  I loved these segments because he would sound so sincere, and his message was basically one of not limiting yourself.  But what really stuck all these years was the "behind bars" part because for some reason I always pictured people who place themselves behind mental "bars".  
Lately, I have been revisiting moments in my life where I almost allowed other people to jail me mentally with their own ignorance and insecurities.  Emotional vampires that had no life so they attempted to sustain themselves by sucking out all my vibrant energy.  Although I am glad I did not allow these emotional jailers to control me (eventually chosing to remove them altogether from my life) lately I feel as if I am on the road to self sabotage.  Why am I so afraid to take the plunge and just do it?  Why do I limit myself when there are so many opportunities in this paper crafting world that I love so much?
Accordion fold binding
     One of the things I consistently attempt to get across to my daughters is that I can not want success for them more than they want it for themselves.  It doesn't matter how much I believe in them if they don't think they can do it themselves.  Well, here lately some of my favorite people have been nudging me forward, pushing my creative limits, and forcing me to think that hmmmm, maybe I am placing "bars" around myself.  How can they believe in me and my paper crafting abilities more than I do?????!!? 

Card for the Nana.

     So here it is, I am throwing down the gauntlet at myself.  I am going to try and showcase my work at a small location for the holiday season.  It's scary but I am going to go forward.  Gonna take out the proverbial nail file and start filing away these mental "bars" before they get too strong.  My motivation?  Taking back the me I put away because things got just a little too scary.   No more blocking my blessings.
     I don't think Steve Harvey will ever read this, but hey if he does: Thanks, with all the sincerity I have.

Flag book made with this tutorial.  Found it in a great Facebook group I belong to: Scrapbooking Swap.


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