Thursday, December 15, 2011

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Yup, it's been a while.  Life has a way of getting overwhelming at times, but that is what it's about.  Dealing with it in the moment, and moving on.  Well, let me tell ya, I really learned about  "living" this year.  It seems like I always think I am "grown'" and then there I am learning something new.  Funny thing is this year me and the girls had very special birthdays and all of us went through some growing pains.

Bry turned 16 and realized that it's ok to live an effortlessly easy life, BUT the rewards are commensurate with the amount of energy placed into it.  So (thank goodness) she decided to get in gear and just go for it.  With her true friendships, her love of art & singing, education, and planning for higher ed she has really stepped up to proverbial plate.  I admire her new found drive!

Mojo is officially a teenager.   Having turned 13 in November she has learned a lifelong lesson that I wish I had learned when I was her age, heehee.  She learned right around October that people will alter who they are just to be around  a person they admire.  If the person they admire is positive, it might not be a bad thing.  However, Mojo has zero tolerance for phony so her friend was quickly removed from her circle of friends.  I admire her strength.

I would have to write entirely too much to explain how much of this thing we call LIFE was discovered by me this year.  The most salient lesson this year was to be still sometimes.  BE STILL!  When I broke my leg I was feeling so so down and restless.  I wanted to be out doing all the running around I normally do.  With the broken leg I was forced to be be still.  I used the time constructively, and sometimes I did absolutely nothing at all and that was fine too.  I learned to be still, and it felt refreshing...

Well what have I been up too?  Emma had a swap for 3 playing card ATCs that coordinate with each other.  WHEW!  Tall order but it got me to thinking.  I built the set around the song "Love is a Losing Game" by Amy Winehouse. 

She was done with the whole mess.  Love was a losing game, and she was done playing.

She adorned her heart with beautiful treasures.  If anyone bothered to look, all they would see is what she wanted them to see.  

He agreed, love was indeed a losing game, but the rule only applied if you played with losers.  He came with a gift of cards made just for the Queen (they fit in the vellum envelope).  He would play any way she wanted, as long as he had a chance to see her real heart...                      


  1. Wow!! Love the theme!! these are way cool!