Thursday, April 7, 2011

About: Glasses, and Banners, and RAKs, OH MY!!!

Yeah, so this week has been fun getting all these goodies in the mail! So Monday I received The Stamps of Life stamp of the month set. This month the set is "houses4us".
Which is grand because Saturday my brother is having his housewarming, yay. Then Tuesday I received a double treat! I had to reorder one stamp set that I think was stolen, and I ordered another stamp set all from Stamps of Life. So I received those AND I received the RAK from Rosey for winning the challenge she held that ended last week.
Nice huh?
Yesterday I received my new glasses in the mail. Glasses over the mail?? Yup, you read it right. There is this company Coastal Contacts that offers FREE glasses over the mail. At first I though it was a scam, but nope. I just paid shipping and handling ($16) and typed in some numbers on the order for my RX and a week later I had a brand new pair of Guess glasses, perfectly made as if I had went to the optometrist. All I had to do was "like" them on Facebook and they gave me a code to type in when I checked out. Well, how convenient is this? What with my glasses missing a leg, and me short a leg, heehee.

So onto what my hands have been up to. Well, over at Bella Creations there is a collaborative project going on to create an alphabet banner using words inspired by scrapbooking. I was assigned "G" and "H". Here are my interpretations.
I really enjoy Bella Creations, they are a very welcoming community, and inspire you to create and think outside of the box.

Oh and one more thing (Hi Mr. Jobs), yesterday as I was perusing you tube I ran across instructions for making this lovely lovely type of book called a "star book". huh?!??!! Yup, a mini album that when opened resembles a star. It's easy to make, and looks stunning! I think so anyway, have a peek on one I am working on for Andre to gift to his mom for Mother's Day.
This is the bird's eye view. When you open it, you use the same ribbon used to close it to keep it open. I like this because you can leave it open on your desk as a display or on a dresser, etc. Can you imagine the possibilities?
This is what the inside pages look like. There are seven two page "layouts". Each page is 4"x4". I had Andre print up pics of different sizes to give it a little variety. I had to wait for them to cure so I will be adding them tonight.

This is the book closed. The book itself is 4"x6". I used chipboard I covered in paper for the cover. I have to admit, this was one of the easier projects. Love it! For instructions go to youtube and search for "star book instructions", hope you like!!


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