Thursday, September 1, 2011

About: Ducks Rowing in a Straight Row, or something like that...

I know I know, it's "Get your ducks in a row" but I have ducks on my mind.  Well rubber duckies that is.  So Cheryl (the one I call my favorite) has a sister in Ga.  Her coworker is hosting a baby shower for her daughter.  I was asked to make the invites etc for said Baby Shower.  WAHOOOOO!!!!  The theme she decided on was rubber duckie.  Oh me oh my.  I heart rubber duckies and baby pastels.  At the 11th hour Karen text me with the sex of the baby so I was able to quickly add BLUE to the embellishments.  She has been great with me so far, answering all my questions promptly and accurately. 

Yesterday I mailed out the first package containing the invites and the bureaus.  I made the bureaus exclusive for her, a set of 4.  Needless to say, it was a bittersweet wait.  I wanted her to get them, but then I was nervous about her liking them.  I started feeling like maybe I should not have taken on this shower, almost started blocking myself from feeling good about what I had made. Almost... Whew, today right after lunch, I got the call.  She loved it.  Marching forward, blessing received, I didn't block it.  

Duckie bureaus
 See, the thing with me is the belief that what I find aesthetically pleasing may not appeal to everyone.  What if I should have tilted the frame a little to the left, or what if that font is not appropriate.  I never took any formal classes in graphic design or art for that matter.  I usually create based on what I know about the person, or what I hear when I speak to them and hope they like my version of  their idea.

Well, so far so good.  Karen was so kind as to allow me to post up pics of her items.  Hope you like!
Displayed with permission granted.   Front of the invite.

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