Thursday, September 30, 2010

About: HallowIni Inspiration

Ok so 1 more day before October & HALLOWINI countdown.  Wahooooo.  I love helping my girls create new costumes every year and watching them run around with their friends.  October and Halloween also reminds me of how papercrafting connected me to a wonderful group of women in NYC.  
In 2007 I headed out to Girl Scouts with my girls with some supplies to make spider webs for some Halloween cards. I get there and wahoooo there is this lady organizing her SCRAPBOOK!!!! 
Waaaaaaaah!?!?!?!?!?!?  "Um excuse me, do you scrapbook?"  Lady looked at me like, "Duh", heeheee.  We introduced ourselves, Julie was her name, and the rest is history.  We talked the whole time GS was in session and we ended up making plans to bring in supplies to make paperbag scrapbooks the next week with the other GS moms.  Boy you would be surprised what people who "don't scrap" can make with a  little paper, scissors, and glue.  
Julie ended up being my fairy scrapmom. She invited me to crops all over the place, and introduced me to some wonderful ladies.  I met Rosie at a library crop, then I met Karishma when she hosted a crop and I met Salima there.  
Julie, Rosie and Salima proved to be some seriously inspiring chicas.  Julie gets everyone together, she just is the best at connecting people with a love for papercrafts.  Rosie is such a heart, always reliable.  You tell her you're looking for a zebra print heart shaped rubber stamp; not only will she find it, she will pick it up for you and drop it off.  Sal, well I call her the distress queen!  She can take a piece of cardstock and bruise and batter it into a thing of beauty.  She is beyond a friend, trustworthy and such a good cook too, mmmmm.  
October and Halloween just reminds me of the time I met all these ladies, and reminds me how inspired I always felt and still feel when we are all together.
Oh and then I met Christine R., Deeeeeeee, and the gals at Manhattan Meetup, hugs hugs hugs ladies.

Well, perusing my favorite blogs, I ran into this BEEYOUTEAFULL blog Geris Paper Wishes  .  She had a tutorial to make a seam binding flower.  I figured hmmmm this would make great card or tag candy.  This is what I came up with:  

Hug Snug seam binding, random buttons, Swarovski sew on crystal.

These are so fun to make, AND I get to use all those beads and findings I have.   

There was also this tutorial to make a rose out of seam binding.  This is what I came up with:
These lil guys were hard to photograph.  
  I made all of these in black because eventually they will end up on some Halloween tags.   I love these flowers and roses.  They are easy to make and so so sassy.  Sassy like my NYC Scrapbook Crew.  Hope you like.  Want a tag?  Let me know and I will send it out when I finish making them!  Hugs!!!

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