Friday, March 4, 2011

About: Time Flies

"Lost time is never found again" Benjamin Franklin

Me n Mami Miriam April 25, 2009
The last time I spent time with Mami Miriam was April 25, 2009 at her daughter Ruthi's house. We talked about a lot of things, especially about my oldest daughter's Sweet 16 dress. See, Mami Miriam had retired from the whole grand ball gown making thing. But she said she would make Bry's dress as her last hurrah. As I got off the bus she shouted to me "Ine' call me so we can go buy the fabric for Bryanna's dress..." "I will Mami, bendicion."
I wasn't really worried about it though. We still had almost two years before Bryanna's party. I have time. I have time, I have time...
She always had containers full of goodies for sewing. This is mine, I feel like a kid when I look at it, heehee
Bryanna's Sweet 16 was almost 2 weeks ago. Yup she looked beautiful, but the funny thing is that remembered the conversation as well. She remembered standing in front of Mami Miriam as she figured out how much fabric would be needed, she remembered her asking "And what colors Bryanna?"

As I looked around at the guests of the Sweet 16 I wondered who would Bryanna sit and talk with when she gets older? Who will she seek counsel from? Her Godmother Vonchie, took a 30 hour train "experience" from Southern Illinois to be here for her special day.

Ms. Schannon was right along with her. Titi Vanessa flew up from Florida scant hours before and flew out a few hours later. Of course my mom aka Wella, and Titi Baby and their Cuz Vane' were there. I thank the Higher Power we have been blessed with these wonderful women that will be in Bryanna and Mojo's life. My counsel to my girls? Don't waste time, it truly flies. Make that call when you can, don't put it off.
With that I get back to your regularly scheduled blog. I just couldn't go on without talking a little about the woman that encouraged the love of colors and beads and baubles in me. Bendicion Mami Miriam!

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