Friday, March 4, 2011


So on a cold freezing February Thursday evening, the ice and gravity conspired against me and I broke my fibula, and ankle.  Painful?  Does a scrapper drool over glitter?  Yup and yupper.  So now my life is totally turned into a figure 8.  A month later and I still can't believe it.  
The "pic" in the picture frame was a piece of the paper used for bottom drawer & a shoe rub on.

But my buddy Rosey keeps me focused.  I needed to finish three bureaus for her.  Forget breakfast in bed, I was scrappin' in bed heehee.  I tried the brads for drawer pulls.  I was always worried about it pulling apart, so what I did was hot glue the legs inside the drawers. Fairly easy!

This one was for a wedding.  I didn't think to take pics but in the top left drawer were: Something old,  and something new.  In the top right drawer I put something borrowed ( a miniature pearl necklace) and something blue.  In the bottom drawer I put a miniature bouquet, it was fun to make.

Next up was another Hello Kitty.  The Hello Kitty was actually from a Valentine.  I cut out the image and covered the heart with the fabric flower.  Lots of pink, just what Rosey ordered!

Well, off to knit on my Knifty Knitter loom.  Surgery is on Tuesday so I will try post at least once more before then.  If I finish the scarf I am making for Andre I will post pics.  Later days!

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