Friday, April 1, 2011

To DYE for!!!!!

Okay sooooo week 3 post op, week 7 since the Great Fall of 2011.  Needless to say, getting a little antsy, but trying to keep a positive point of view on this broken leg fiasco, heehee.
Looking through my crafty supplies, and trying to reorganize all that stuff I ran across some Dylon Tahiti Pink dye I bought almost 10 years ago!  I also found some Rit dye in Scarlett that I used to make some glimmer mists a few months ago.  So guess what I was doing earlier this week?  You guessed it DYE PARTY!!! 

I started with white 100% cotton fabric that I had used as a toga for my Goddess themed HallowIni celebration in 2009.  I cut strips about 6 inches wide by 1 yard long.   I also found some old yarn and threw some in with each dye. The first batch was the Rit Scarlett.  It came out soooo pretty!  I simply boiled salt water, added the dye, let that boil, then added the fabric.  No exact measurements because I wanted it to look vintage.  Next up was the Dylon Tahiti Pink.  I didn't have much hope for it since it was so old.  That worked out well!  Then I tried tea dye.  I boiled a pot of water with 5 Lipton tea bags and let the tea bags sit in the water over night.  Next day I added the fabric.   All of the fabrics sat in the dye over night.  I rinsed until clear, and hand washed the fabric.  Then I just let  it air dry.  Clear as mud?  Great.  Here are the results.  Hope you like!
L-R: Original fabric and yarn, Rit Scarlett, Dylon Tahiti Pink, Lipton Tea  

I also completed 3 more bureaus for that sassy Rosey!

See ya later!

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  1. I love the dye job Ini! LOL The bureaus are totally freaking cute! Get well soon so we can dance the night away! :)